Criminal forensic investigations on TV generally include blood and gore, but Pittsburgh forensic investigations can also involve financial forensic investigations. Pittsburgh private investigators at FORLETTA are skilled in both.

What We Do

In dealing with financial forensic accounting and tax auditing, FORLETTA possesses the financial finesse to guide you in decisions regarding violations of the following acts: Bank Secrecy Act, Money Laundering Act, Currency Transaction Report (CTR), and Suspicious Activity Report (SAR).

For criminal forensic investigations, FORLETTA also analyzes blood and other bodily fluid patterns, ballistics, polygraphs, handwriting, will conduct the initial client interview, help with Cleveland and Pittsburgh cyber stalking and drug scenes.

We serve:

Lawyers–Make sure you and your client know what you are up against in a court of law; seek our expert opinion at FORLETTA.

Government – Federal forensic and criminal investigations all require the kind of expertise that FORLETTA possesses, so call us for help.

Businesses – You don’t want to be caught doing something illegal by the IRS, so have FORLETTA check out your finances first.

For lawyers, government employees, and private or public businesses, you’ll need the expertise of FORLETTA Investigative/Security Consultant if the IRS ever comes knocking. Call us today.

Besides consultation on the financial acts listed above, FORLETTA provides a review of charges and a review and analysis of financial documents, followed by an assessment of evidence the government has against your client and a defense strategy recommendation.

Don’t get caught red-handed—make sure FORLETTA is on your side in all financial and criminal forensic investigations.

Call today for your complimentary consultation with our expert Pittsburgh private investigators.