Finding Missing Persons

Forletta can assist you in finding or locating your loved one. Forletta has the extensive resources to locate missing people, and more specifically—your missing family member.

Forletta works side by side with law enforcement, news media and other agencies who provide services to help families locate their loved ones, whether it be missing children or adult. These are important resources when it comes to help find a missing person. And, we understand what a serious and painful matter it is, and what an overwhelming experience it can be for families to go through living through the stress of not knowing where a loved one may be.

We also have the knowledge and experience to be able to assist families in understanding how law enforcement works on the inside, especially when it comes to missing persons units. We help families by working with:

  • News media outlets
  • Providing press releases
  • Holding press conferences.
  • This includes written news media as well as broadcast news on TV.
  • Additionally, Forletta will coordinate with various rescue groups to locate your missing person.

Forletta has extensive experience and expertise working on missing persons cases. If you are trying to locate a missing person in Pittsburgh and are considering hiring a private investigator, please don’t wait another minute—call Forletta right away for a free initial consultation so we can help locate your loved one.