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Forletta Provides “Fresh Set of Eyes” through Cold Case Review and Investigative Services

Why some investigations run cold, and how a “fresh set of eyes” by a Private Investigative Service can be so beneficial in helping resolve a case.  Sometimes criminal or civil cases can be simple and straightforward. Other times they’re not. Evidence is often complex, difficult to decipher, and can have varying degrees of usefulness or [...]

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How Forletta Can Help you with Missing Persons

A private investigator is usually called upon to uncover the truth, facts and circumstances that convert mere suspicion into solid evidence, wherever that may lead. FORLETTA is Cleveland and Pittsburgh’s private investigation service with an extensive knowledge base, resources and experiences to provide the best evidence in any of the following private investigator services. In [...]

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Private Investigation and Sports

As your go-to Pittsburgh private investigator service, we at Forletta can help you with any number of problems you may be dealing with. We help in areas of education, intellectual property, health care, child custody, law, business and much, much more. Additionally, Forletta has expertise in the areas of forensics, due diligence, handwriting analysis, polygraphs, [...]

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Three Qualities of Highly Effective Private Investigators

We at Forletta want to share with you what we think makes a good private investigator. There is no question that particular traits are needed to be successful in this field, but, the question you may be asking is what traits are important? When looking for a private investigator to help you with your case, [...]

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How We Can Help with Law Cases

When it comes to lawyers, trials and litigation—I don’t think anyone outside of the field truly knows all that is involved when it comes to all of the information they must find to be successful with their case. It takes countless hours of research and information collecting, to say the least. The work necessary is [...]

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The Importance of Prevention

Private investigation is not just about what goes on in the background, or what you have seen in detective shows and movies—it’s not all just taking photographs and finding clues. Our mission is helping people, and a lot of that includes a commitment to education and prevention. This is why I, Larry Forletta, founder of [...]

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What is Due Diligence?

We at Forletta realize that while we are (of course) extremely familiar with what we do, but that many people do not necessarily understand all that is involved when it come to private investigation, and how we can help you. Obviously, we can’t explain it all in one blog, but, we can slowly chip away [...]

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Legalization of Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is one of 28 states in the U.S. that have legalized medical marijuana. There are many reasons why more than half the states in the country have moved in the direction of medical marijuana legalization since 1996—medical marijuana helps adults and children alike with multiple major health issues and side effects. There is talk [...]

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The Legalization of Medical Marijuana

There are currently 28 states in the United States that have legalized the use of medical marijuana, including Pennsylvania where it became legal in 2016. There are many reasons why more than half the states in the country have moved in this direction since 1996, with more states heading in the same direction. There are [...]

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Forletta: How a Polygraph Works.

A polygraph, commonly referred to as a “lie detector,” is a device that is used to determine whether someone is telling the truth when asked a series of questions. Polygraphs are typically used in criminal investigations and when performing background checks, especially in the case of potential government employees. So, how exactly do these devices [...]

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FORLETTA: How to Do Due Diligence on a Business.

Before taking part in any interaction with a business, for example buying, merging, or partnering in any other way, you want to make sure you really know what you’re getting yourself into. Due diligence refers to reviewing all available information about the company—financial and legal—with a fine-tooth comb beforehand so that you’re not met with [...]

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FORLETTA: Protect Yourself From Credit Card Fraud.

Now that the craziness of the holiday season and gift exchanges is behind us, we probably are ready to keep our spending to a minimum, at least for the immediate foreseeable future. Perhaps one of your New Year’s resolutions is to save a little bit more. Regardless of how much you’re planning on spending these [...]

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FORLETTA: Digital Forensics: Finding Lost Files.

Many digital forensics investigations start with finding files that belong to the computer’s previous user. Allocated files refer to those that can be viewed through the file system and whose contents, under normal circumstances, are not inadvertently overwritten by the operating system. Many digital forensics tools allow investigators to see allocated files in a disk [...]

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FORLETTA: Finding and Preserving Digital Evidence.

Continuing with our digital forensics series, today we cover how to find and preserve digital evidence. One of the most important innovations in the field of digital forensics is the hash function. A hash function maps a sequence of characters (called a string) to a binary number of a specific size (i.e., a fixed number [...]

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FORLETTA: Digital Forensics Investigation Procedures, Part Two.

Our last blog was an introduction into the world of digital forensics and discussed the challenges associated with this growing field. Subsequent blogs will go into these challenges in greater detail. The tools and techniques used in digital forensics are to be applied to suspects, victims, and bystanders. Over the years, practitioners have tried to [...]

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