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FCIS LLC is comprised of a team of experts with over 100 years of investigative experience. Many of our team members have trained law enforcement agencies, government officials and the U.S. Military. Based in Pittsburgh, PA and licensed in Pennsylvania and Ohio, Forletta Consulting and Investigation Services have your best interests as their top priority.

Our Pittsburgh, PA private investigations are thorough, confidential and specific to the needs of the client. Whether you’re looking for private investigative service in fraud surveillance, business investigation or a PI in government, FCIS has you covered. We service lawyers, businesses and corporations, the government, medical and education PI, private citizens and even international private investigation.

As a former DEA agent, our director Larry Forletta has established many resources in the United States and abroad. We use those resources, our knowledge and experience to produce the best results. Our reports are based upon truth and fact and our services are tailored to the specific needs of every client. The sooner you contact us after the incident, the higher the chances are of procuring all the necessary information to help the case.

We also offer forensics, litigation support and a host of other services. If you are interested in these or our private detective services, please browse our website and contact us.

With Forletta Consulting and Investigation Services, you can trust that your best interests are our top priority. Our private detectives are ready and able to assist you with finding the solution to any issues you are experiencing.


Important Tips For Your Personal Safety

All of us from time to time find ourselves in situations that make us uncomfortable for our safety. In our July 29 webinar, we will be hearing from one of the most sought after experts in personal safety issues, Larry Forletta. Mr. Forletta will discuss how to avoid dangerous situations.

Listen to the Webinar…

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“Larry Forletta is one of the most talented and hard working investigators upon whom I’ve ever had the privilege to rely. Larry is a self-motivated, self-starting, relentless investigator who is also of the highest ethical calibre. It is a privilege and an honour to work with him. You will not be disappointed with Larry Forletta, or his work. I have 28 years experience in working with investigators and conducting investigations and I can’t think of anyone else I’d go to first if I were in need of the services Larry provides to his clients.”
Salvatore D. Fili, Esq.
“Larry was excellent to work with. I would highly recommend him to another firm or corporation.”
Casey White, The Law Office of Casey D. White
“For nearly a decade I have worked with Larry Forletta in law enforcement and in the practice of law. Mr. Forletta’s investigations as a DEA Agent produced convictions in high profile cases at the local level. His performance as a private investigator has given my firm an advantage with witness interviews, witness preparation and negotiations. Mr. Forletta’s is able to produce timely, thorough fashion.”
Louis M. Perrotta, Director Cilli & Perrotta, P.C., Attorneys at Law
“Through his excellent contacts, expertise and knowledge of the system, Larry turned a hopeless situation around and successfully prevented a substantial loss to our company. I would not hesitate to call on him again and I highly recommend his services.”
Darek Senatore, President, Eagle Group LLC in New Castle, PA